Benefits of Wood Burning Fireplaces

In this blog entry, the Chicago chimney cleaning service and Chicago fireplace cleaning service experts here at Chimney Sweep Near Me will detail the main benefits of wood burning fireplaces.

They Draw Attention as a Focal Point

Fireplaces can be fantastic conversation starters in living rooms or seating areas. In all homes, wood burning fireplaces are instantly the focal point of the room. Similar to the coziness of a kitchen, people are automatically drawn to a fireplace’s warmth. This makes living rooms with fireplaces ideal places to gather with close friends or family.


Home Value Increases

The warm tone, cozy ambience, and appealing crackling noise of a wood burning fireplace is popular throughout the world. Wood burning fireplaces can actually boost home value! Since wood burning fireplaces are very rare, they can actually be huge selling points for any potential home buyer. Homes with wood burning fireplaces are demonstrated to sell for much more money than homes without fireplaces.


Safety and Cost Effectiveness

Different from gas fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces are safe and cost effective. It can be expensive to burn gas, but finding affordable firewood is never hard. You can control the flame level on wood burning fireplaces much more easily than you can with gas burning fireplaces. Gas burning fireplaces have pilot lights that are constantly lit, but with wood burning fireplaces, the flame can be fully extinguished.

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