Dangers of DIY Chimney Cleaning Attempts

DIY chimney cleaning is never a good idea – and it’s always much better to have a professional chimney cleaning technician – like those here at Chimney Sweep Near Me – for all of your professional Chicago chimney cleaning needs. In this blog entry, our creosote removal experts will detail why amateur attempts at chimney cleaning are never a good idea.


Amateur chimney cleaning is dangerous due to hazardous materials within your chimney, and the roof of your property. Wood burning fireplaces have a great deal of ash, soot, and creosote – a toxic chemical that results from wood oils. As these oils escape smoke from a fire, they condense and stick to the side of the chimney – and are highly flammable, not to mention dangerous to breath in. DIY chimney cleaning also runs the serious risk of injury from falling off or slipping on the roof.


Expensive Equipment

DIY chimney cleaning would require highly expensive material. Why worry about losing the cash? Besides, only professional level equipment should ever be used for chimney cleaning. A professional chimney cleaning service will use this quality equipment, and save you a great deal on the money that you might otherwise spend.


Targeted Chimney Analysis

DIY chimney cleaning cannot easily identify specific issues within chimneys. Professional chimney cleaning technicians can closely inspect the entirety of your chimney, assessing it for any growing issues that can affect health and safety. DIY chimney cleaning won’t have the benefit of this level of professional specificity that can help you easily target chimney issues as soon as they – or even before – they crop up, saving you the cost of repairs by intervening with your chimney before issues begin to cause structural damage.


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