How often should chimneys be cleaned?

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Chimney Sweep Near Me provides expert chimney cleaning service throughout the Chicagoland area. Here at Chimney Sweep Near Me, our team of expert chimney and fireplace ventilation technicians have the highest and most seasoned degree of knowledge in the industry today, with the latest and most high-tech equipment necessary for revitalizing your chimneys, chimney appliances, and fireplaces.


How often should chimneys be cleaned?

Chimneys should be cleaned annually – and/or after every 36 lit fires in the fireplace. Chimneys should also be cleaned if any soot is seen inside your home, after a pre-built home is purchased, BEFORE a new home is purchased, and before every Winter season. Furthermore, chimneys must be cleaned after a fire in your home or the chimney, if any stains appear in or around the chimney, after any roof replacement, or in the event of a lightning strike or falling tree impact.


While in the past, flues were not inspected during every chimney cleaning, Chimney Sweep Near Me ensures that your chimney will be fully and thoroughly inspected during our cleaning service so that any issue, even subtle, can be rapidly detected and remedied. Chimney Sweep Near Me cleans your entire chimney from the fireplace up, utilizing professional quality brushes and a superior-quality HEPA filter, eliminating dust, particulates, and allergens. 


Chimney Sweep Near Me cleans the entirety of your fireplace and chimney system including:

  • Firebox cleaning
  • Smoke chamber cleaning
  • Chimney flue cleaning
  • Smoke shelf cleaning
  • Crown cleaning
  • Flashing cleaning
  • Chimney cap cleaning
  • Brick and mortar cleaning
  • Damper assembly cleaning
  • Roof inspection
  • And much more!
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