How to determine whether your dryer needs cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Chicago

Dryer vent cleaning is absolutely essential in order to avoid the annoyance of clothing that stays damp (or takes absolutely forever to dry) – or even worse, the danger of a house fire. Dryer lint traps – built to catch lint or other particulates from your laundered clothing – don’t work perfectly, and over time, lint can build up, collecting within your dryer vents, and due to its inherent extreme flammability, poses a major health and safety risk. The extremely flammable lint, and the hot air that runs through your dryer vents can very easily cause a fire, making dryer vent cleaning an absolutely essential regular service for dryers of all sizes.


You can determine whether your dryer needs cleaning by analyzing the following signs:

  • Clothing takes longer to dry, or never fully dries
  • Clothing is extremely hot after the dryer cycle is completed
  • The exterior of your dryer radiates heat, or is very hot to the touch
  • Your laundry room seems more humid than normal
  • You can smell a burning smell inside your laundry room


If you’re having difficulty determining whether your dryer requires cleaning service, it’s best to inquire with a trusted expert, like the team here at Chimney Sweep Near Me. Contact Chimney Sweep Near Me today for the highest quality dryer vent cleaning service available in the entirety of Chicago – our team can rapidly clean and restore your dryer vents in a simple matter of minutes, allowing you to safely operate them.

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