How to Keep Your Fireplace Clean and Safe

Fireplace Cleaning Service Chicago

The incredible luxury and pleasure of a working fireplace can only be contrasted against the difficulty of cleaning your fireplace yourself. A vast amount of dirt, soot, dust, and other particulates – including dangerous creosote deposits – can rapidly accumulate within your fireplace even over a single Winter season. These allergy-causing particulates impact the ability of your fireplace to conduct clean-burning fires. 


You can best maintain a clean fireplace by only burning seasoned firewood (as opposed to what’s known as “green firewood”,) to only have your fireplace professionally cleaned or cleaned with dedicated cleansers, and by never pouring water on your fireplace unless it’s an emergency. 


However, even well maintained fireplaces that house only well seasoned and dry wood will produce soot and creosote, which can quickly accumulate in your chimney or fireplace opening, and cause massive potential damage due to its inherent flammability. It’s an absolute must to have your fireplace professionally cleaned every year, and at the beginning of every season in which your fireplace wil be used. Chimney Sweep Near Me provides the entirety of the Greater Chicago area with professional, high quality fireplace cleaning and chimney sweeping service – as well as a range of other chimney / fireplace / and ventilation repair and maintenance services.

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