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Robert and Darby were so great, so professional. Arrived a couple min early and had rad energy. Robert showed me before and afters of our chimney and explained some upkeep practices we didn't know about. Great price, what nice people.We see no reason to call anyone else! Thanks for all the help!!

Edwin Rios - Home Owner


The fireplace was old & leaking. The technicians closed off the chimney with a new chase pan & spray painted the exterior metal to prevent future issues. They also installed a set of electric logs in the fireplace which are great. They were neat, clean & professional; very friendly, courteous & prompt. An excellent job all around!

Isabella - Home Owner


Youngs did a great job servicing our fireplace. I was impressed how well they cleaned up and how thorough their inspection was. Highly recommend them, Ryan was very professional and knowledgeable.

Tim Cook - Home Owner


Great service and support. Robert the owner, is a big fan of all things old, so my crumbling 100 years old fireplace was not even much of a challenge for him. Salvaged it at a very reasonable price.

Any Tripp - Home Owner


They did such an amazing job!!! I am so happy with the results. They ended up having to do so much more than expected due to the horrendously inadequate original build. They rebuilt and fortified the chase, added the missing firewall, and attached it to the house and more. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Schatz - Home Owner


Honest, knowledgeable, and very personable. He could have told us we needed a new chimeny cap but said our leak was elsewhere and who I needed to contact and what they should do. I will definitely call Robert again if we have the need to.

Shane Fitzgerald - Home Owner


These guys were delightful. Came out quick, solved my problem within 30 minutes, and gave us some free advice as well. As they worked, we talked about art, history, and blacksmithing. Most fun I've had getting home repair done. Highly recommend.

Laura Mixter - Home Owner


They were very thorough and knowledgeable. My wife had a ton of questions and they were happy to answer them and give advice. Definitely would recommend.

Erlindha C - Home Owner


Luke was great. We bought a older home and had the chimney cleaned and inspected. He was very professional and let me watch, explaining the entire inspection process. Chimney checked out great. Definitely recommend him!

Russel T Hang - Home Owner